About Us

Hello, this is John Fish, the fish finder nerd, and owner of fishfinder.info.

I want to help every angler on the water looking for fish to catch more fish. That’s why fishfinder.info is there.

My core focus is to make the fish finder tech as easy as possible for the anglers to understand. Many beginners buy a good high tech fish finder but put it back in the closet because they couldn’t catch any fish with it.

Fish finder is an excellent technology that can help you find more fish. Can you find fish without a fish finder? Yes, of course. But fish finder will help you find even more fish.

This website has plenty of guides on properly using a fish finder to catch your favorite bass, crappies, etc.

If you are looking to buy a new fish finder, we would recommend you go through our fish finder reviews and read the posts related to the best fish finders. We have reviewed all the top brands and thoroughly compared the best fish finders for every kind of boat. You can find the list of best fish finders based on different features, e.g., side imaging, down imaging, etc.

I hope you find this website helpful in your hunt for the bite. If you want to add anything or want to write for us, drop us an email at john@fishfinder.info