How To Read Fish Finder

schools of stripers MEGA side imaging Humminbird Solix

Detailed guide on how to read fish finder sonar, down imaging and side imaging with images and illustrations.

Fish Finder Mounting Ideas

There are several ways to mount a Fish Finder head unit. We have covered some of the best methods out there for different types of boats.

How to Install Fish Finder Transducer

kayak fish finder installed photo

There are several ways to install the fishfinder transducer. Each method comes with its advantages and challenges. We’ve included the most common methods to install a transducer and a few tips you need to know to choose the best site on your vessel.

Fish Finder not turning on

Check the Connection Go to the back of your unit and ensure the power plug is fully inserted. It might help to unplug it and

Side Imaging Not Working

hds live sidescan screenshot

Is your Side Imaging (SideScan for Lowrance, SideVu for Garmin) sonar not working correctly or showing up? Well, you are in luck because this is