Fish Finder Mounting Ideas: Explore Creative Ways to Install Your Fish Finder

Fish Finder Guides

There are several ways to mount a Fish Finder head unit. We have covered some of the best methods out there for different types of boats.

Track Mounting

yakattack track mounting

Many kayaks feature tracks along the gunwales for mounting equipment such as rod holders. Tracks are a great way to mount accessories and keep them out of your way. 

YakAttack has a great option for track mounting with their LockNLoad mounting system. Several different models will fit most fish finders. The mount will fit most existing track systems on kayaks. 

With the YakAttack mount, the fish finder can be adjusted and secured anywhere on the track. The LockNLoad system provides a secure attachment that is easily adjustable when needed. 

RAM Universal Marine Electronic Mount

ram marine electric mount

If your boat has a flat surface, such as the top of the console or gunwale, the Ram Universal Marine Electronic Mount is a good option. It is compatible with Garmin, Lowrance, Hummingbird, and other fish finders. 

This mount has a round plate that mounts to any flat surface. The mount has a ball joint system that allows almost limitless adjustment. Attaching the mount to the boat is simple and is done with just a couple of screws. 

Depending on which model is selected, the Ram can hold up to 6 pounds. It also features shock and vibration dampening to help protect your fish finder. 

RAM Drill-Down Double Ball Mount

ram marine double ball mount

Similar to the Ram Universal mount, the Ram Drill-Down mount can be attached to any flat surface. This mount features the same technology as the double ball mount for infinite adjustability. The main difference is the arm is longer. 

The arm has a thumbscrew adjustment. Tightening the screw locks the mount in any desired position.  

Both mounts are constructed out of high-grade marine aluminum. They are powder coated for ultimate durability in all conditions. These mounts also come with a lifetime warranty. 

RAM Swing Arm Mount

ram swing arm mount

Another option from RAM is the RAM Swing Arm Mount. This mount can be attached to any flat surface but will work best on the top of the console. 

The swingarm has two pivot points that allow for complete 360-degree rotation. This mount also has a lifetime warranty and is made of powder-coated steel for durability. 

The swingarm mount is perfect for those with just one fish finder. The finder can be facing the stern of the boat when underway. When fishing from the bow, swing the finder screen to the front, allowing the operator to use the finder in both positions.

Single Unit Dash Mount

procise dekit mount

A single unit dash mount allows anglers to mount their fish finder to the console dash, deck, or any flat surface. Mounting to the dash is the most common method as it places the finder in front of the boat driver. 

There are several models available, but the Procise Outdoors DEK-it mount is one of the better ones available. The DEK-it comes in several different configurations. Anglers can choose from flat or angled mounts depending on their need. 

The DEK-it is built from powder-coated aluminum for durability. While there are several pre-drilled holes, anglers can customize the mount and drill their own holes if needed. 

Single or Dual Unit Bow Mount

dual bow mount

For anglers wanting a fish finder at the bow when using their trolling motor, the Procise Outdoors DEK-it can mount to the deck. 

The DEK-it comes in either a single unit or dual unit mount. Both have multiple hole patterns to fit any brand of fish finder. On the off chance that the mount doesn’t fit, anglers can drill custom holes. 

The dual unit bow mount provides ample space for two screens. The techie will be able to watch the fish finder and GPS simultaneously. The dual-mount is adjustable in four directions allowing placement in most boats. 

Gimbal Mount

For pure simplicity and economy, a gimbal mount can’t be beaten. The gimbal mount attaches directly to the dash on the console. It allows for adjustment of the screen up and down. 

The problem with a gimbal mount is that it can’t rotate left to right. Also, it is a very static mount. Once the mount is attached, it doesn’t allow for much adjustment. 

Pairing the gimbal mount with one of the universal double ball mounts provides the user with more flexibility. Pairing the gimbal with a dash or deck mount is another option. 

Johnny Ray Swivel Mount

Johnny Ray Swivel Mount

The Johnny Ray swivel mount works with other permanent mounts to make them portable. The mount swivels 360 degrees allowing a full range of motion. In addition, this mount features a quick-release button allowing easy removal of the fish finder. 

The Johnny Ray swivel can be used by itself or paired with another mounting system. Either way, the swivel mount provides a secure attachment to the boat. 

Locations to Mount Fish Finders on Boat or Kayak

There are a variety of locations where you can mount your fish finder on a kayak or small boat. Here are a few ideas you can try. You can also read our detailed guide on the Kayak Fish Finder Setup.

Console or Dash

The primary location for most fish finders is on the console or dash of the boat. Mounting in this location allows the boat operator to view the screen while moving. Depending on the type of boat and space available, this may not be the best option. 

Using various mounting systems can make the fish finder easier to use. For example, the swivel mounts or swing arm mounts allow the fish finder to be mounted to the console and used by anglers on the bow. 

Bow of the Boat

For anglers looking to fish off the bow mounting the fish finder to the deck is optimal. Many of the mounts above allow mounting a fish finder directly to the deck. Mounting the fish finder in this location allows the angler to operate the trolling motor and monitor the screen. 

When fish finders are mounted on the bow, they should be attached using a system like the Johnny Ray swivel mount. This mounting option allows the fish finder to be removed and stored when the boat is underway. Doing so will help protect the instrument from damage. 

Side of the Kayak, Canoe, or Small Utility Boats

Smaller paddle boats don’t have the space and mounting options that motorboats have. Using specialized options like the YakAttack track mounting system provides flexibility. Mounting electronics to the gunwale of these boats keep them out of the way yet accessible. 

A primary consideration for mounting electronics on smaller boats is the routing of the wires and the location of the batteries. Special care must be taken to prevent these items from becoming hazards for the operator. Side rail and track mounting systems help keep these things out of the way and secured. 

After you have mounted the fish finder head unit successfully read our guide on how to install fish finder transducer.