Humminbird Helix G4 vs G3

Humminbird Fish Finder Reviews

Humminbird recently updated their Helix line to the G4 (Generation 4) line and discontinued their G3 (Generation 3) line.

The G4 has some impressive upgrades from the G3. While specifics will vary between models, some key differences are highlighted.


Like the G3, the G4 has Bluetooth and Ethernet capabilities. However, the G4 can also connect to Wi-Fi. This increases the user’s access to features and download speeds.

NMEA 2000 Connectivity

The G4 comes standard with the ability to connect to NMEA 2000 devices. This allows you to access more information through the NMEA 2000 network, such as water conditions and weather forecasts.


All G4 models have updated MEGA Side Imaging+ and MEGA Down Imaging+. Humminbird touts that the + versions are the best they have, providing 20% more detail and 60% more depth capability than the standard versions.


Both the G4 and G3 models offer the following add-ons:

  • i-Pilot Link
  • CHIRP Radar
  • External GPS Receiver
  • AIS Compatible
  • 5-Port Ethernet Switch
  • GPS with Heading Sensor
  • Humminbird Map Cards
  • Navionics Map Cards

However, the G4 offers two add-on options that the G3 doesn’t: MEGA Live Imaging and MEGA 360 Imaging. The Live Imaging offers live sonar so clear that you can watch the fish bite your line, while the 360 Imaging gives you a clear, detailed, 360° view under the water.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the updates to the G4 are impressive. Wi-Fi capability will come in handy for many anglers, as it allows better access to maps and data. The increased imaging capabilities are hard to pass up as well. All those things together can make a difference in your fishing experience. 

However, if you’re less competitive about fishing and enjoy taking the day to relax on the boat, you may not feel compelled to upgrade the Humminbird fish finder. The added features are excellent, but they won’t necessarily change your experience if you’re out for leisure. It is important to consider your needs and choose to update only if it makes sense.